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Halloween Museum

Fluorescent minerals

Page Four of unusual places and signs

One of my all time favorites. Drive drunk in this town and become a movie star.

I took this photo in a snowstorm thinking it was just an interesting row of parking meters in a parking lot. As I studied it over time, I began to wonder why weren't all the meters straight and the same height. I have no idea where I took the photo.

This looks like a great place to buy hearing aid batteries.
The words "Heavy Oil" were welded onto this metal plate set into the sidewalk in Oradell, NJ. It has since been covered up with a new sidewalk.

A tiny waterfall on a secluded stream in NJ in the winter. The splashing water has frozen on the surrounding rocks.
If you get up early in the morning, before the dew has evaporated, you can get some very nice photographs of spider's webs.

Sometimes just the color and shape of things creates a nice image. A mother and son at the concession stand at Highpoint, NJ.

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