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I received this deposit slip from the bank with a note on it saying "The attached was inadvertantly mutilated while processed by automatic equipment".

As I was traveling from Chicago to St. Louis, I came upon the tallest smokestack that I had ever seen. It actually disappeared into the clouds. I later found out that coal burning power plants in the mid-west did this so that all the soot generated did not just fall back down on top of the plant. The soot moved into the upper atmosphere and blew east so that everyone downwind of the plant could enjoy the soot, too.

The "Pillar of Fire Church" was located somewhere in Chicago, if I remember correctly.
The Moose lodge #307 was in a dying industrial town in New York State. This giant metal moose head was next to an abandoned building.

A country auction - How much am I bid for this Kewpie doll? Everyone had a hat advertising their tractor or brand of corn. The auction was out in the countryside of Illinois. The few not bidding sat on chairs and didn't much talk to one another.

In the mid-1970s I lived on Elaine Place in the Newtown area of Chicago. Every building was empty except for mine and another. A builder had purchased all the buildings on the block and began to renovate all of them at the same time.
He ran out of money and the buildings remained vacant. Rarely did anyone ever venture onto our block. These kids appeared out of nowhere one day and were having the time of their lives parading up the sidewalk. They never returned.

The sign reads "431 Miles to Bergenfield, NJ". It was located along a coast road in Maine.

Trailer park signs in a wooded, ancient trailer park.
Ancient trailers in the wooded trailer park.

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