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Page Two of unusual places and signs

The mail box lady even had on pantyhose. Somewhere in New York State.

Remember the great oil shortage? Environmentalists probably erected this striking sign.

A little tough to see, but the farm stand sign advertises "Fresh Vegetables, Tomatoes, Corn, & Others" for sale

A farm stand along Route 9W in New York State. These girls had the prettiest smiles around and obviously enjoyed selling apples.

"Dick Drost's Naked City - Visitor Parking". I was driving in Indiana and there were no trees anywhere, just flat farmland. Suddenly, I came upon a dense grove of trees, saw the sign and took the picture. Apparently this was a well known nudist colony. Further research shows that Dick Drost was kicked out of Indiana and reopened in California. He was the originator of the annual Miss Nude World contest.

Cheese country in Wisconsin.
"Frost Heaves" in New Hampshire.

"Embassy of the Gheez Nation, Supreme and Ordaining Jursidiction on Earth". In the middle of nowhere in the Catskill Mountains of New York, I came upon this garage and house with all the trees painted white and blue. I wondered whether there really was a Gheez Nation? A friend, named Joe Clark, wrote in to say the following "The Gheez Nation was a small Black Muslim "church" that appears to have been a break-off from the Nation of Islam in the early 1970s. I am aware of several similar sects from this time-period, though most of them have died out. According to its lore, the Gheez Nation refers to the "motherland" of Ethiopia (similar to Rastafarianism) and worships an African sun god. In the early 1970s they had a charter school set up called Helion Temple that taught primary school."

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