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A worldwide adventure seeking out unusual or photographically interesting places and interesting signs

Traveling over the years, I have always carried a camera with me. If friends asked why I was bringing the camera, I told them that if a flying saucer ever appeared, I would be ready to take a photo. Well, no extraterrestial flying saucers ever appeared, but loads of interesting places and people could be found everywhere that I traveled. In addition to the people and places, I began to shoot scenes featuring signs. I even traveled to Schneider, Indiana for a photo. My camera of choice was an SLR Nikormat with a variety of lens.

Every sign is a graphic design trying to convey a piece of information. Some sign makers say it simply and others obviously had an idea in mind, but never realized that they were creating something more intriging than just a piece of information.

I shoot in a pictoralist style, with composition formost in mind. I look at the boarders of my viewfinder and try to include everything that needs to be in the photo and avoid that which needs to remain unseen. These photos have been taken over a period of about 35 years with the hopes of doing a book someday. Since I keep getting distracted doing other books, I thought that producing a group of them as a web museum would be a better way to show them to the world. I've titled the group:

A sign in Tel Aviv, Israel

It seems to rain or snow while I am out traveling. Every once in a while I find a sign and an event that goes with the sign.
Amish County, Pennsylvania

A great sign that only told us that whatever was there (C. Cycle Works) was closed on Sunday.
Near Schneider, Indiana, this water towers smiles out.

Barns can be beautiful. This was in Illinois and had some great antique finds.
Mail Pouch tobacco advertised on the side of barns in the early 20th century. The few remaining barns are hard to find.

Spotted in a park in the NJ Ramapo Mountains. It turns out that rattlesnakes inhabit the area.
Useless doors I have encountered. Can I come in when the place is closed?

Cars occasionally offer good bumper stickers. The one on the left appeared shortly after a plane crashed in the Andes mountains.
It was carrying a rugby team. When rescuers arrived, the players had eaten their dead to stay alive.

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