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I have resisted trading links with most sites because I felt that they were just amassing links to have lots of links. I have decided to create a page with links that are actually sites that I feel are worth visiting.

There are additional links at the ends of the Fluorescent Mineral Museum and the Halloween Museum.

Links to great mineral, gem, and rock hunting sites:

Mineral Town is one of the interesting sites that provides you with a search engine, directory, and links you to lots of mineral sources on the web. The web's mineral link portal, featuring over 600 categorized links to mineral, fossil, gem, lapidary, club and information web sites.

Links associated with Flashlights:

Everyone needs batteries for their flashlights, digital cameras, and mineral lights. Here is a place where I shop for batteries and battery chargers, thomas-distributing.

Here is a cute site - Little Tykes flashlights - Little Tykes Flashlights

Here is Brooke Clarke's site on Battery information

There is another great Flashlight museum called "The Flashlight Museum" run by my buddy Dave. It is located in Minnesota, but you can visit it at the Flashlight museum online.

Links associated with Ghosts and Cemeteries:

Beth Santore has a fascinating site that deals with cemeteries and graves, and has links to other amazing sites. This is really a site worth checking out

Links associated with Abraham Lincoln:

The Surratt Society A nice group of people who run the Surratt House Museum in Clinton, Maryland. Do visit if you are in the area.

Abraham Lincoln Research Site A wonderful place to begin your Lincoln research with three main sections: the Abraham Lincoln Research Site, Abraham Lincoln’s Assassination, and the Mary Todd Lincoln Research Site.

There is a ton of material in JonahWorld - more than 29 MB of text and images. Some is from eight years of newsletters. Material on Re-enactors of Civil War and Revolutionary War, ghost stories, Lincoln, movies, etc. Nice source site!

Victoriana Lover's site

Links associated with Halloween and Collectibles:

Vintage Halloween Decor Get great halloween decorations at great prices in this huge online shop.

Mark Butler's Monsterlist is the best for Halloween links on how to make or do anything creative for Halloween. It is worth checking out.

For a pair of interesting and unusual sites visit Post Mortem Studio and The Dapper Cadaver, the entertainment industry sources for morgue, mortuary, and medical props and set dressings. They outfit television shows, movies sets, Halloween parties, etc. with all the trappings that make the sets look so real.

The Dapper Cadaver Props & Rentals, 7572 San Fernando Rd,
Sun Valley, CA, 91352

Megan McGee's Vintage jewelry from Victorian to fun! A small, but high quality vintage jewelry site specializing in Victorian, vintage sterling, estate and the unusual.

Here is a place to find rare items. E Seek - You tell them what you want and they go out and try to find it for you.

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