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My Ghosts In The Cemetery books are dedicated to the beauty that can be found in cemeteries. They are real photographs. I have visited cemeteries over a period of many years. Old cemeteries are like outdoor museums or stone gardens. They have character. The headstones and mausoleums are all that remain of the stone mason's art, and nature has weathered the stones, adding moss, age, and patina. The photos are shot in a pictoralist style (sort-of looks like a painting), emphasizing the textures found in the cemetery.

From my book, Halloween In America: the period leading up to Halloween the "veil" or separation between the worlds of the living and the dead becomes thinner. This thinning of the veil allows the spirits of the dead to pass over into the realm of the living more easily than at other times of the year. Hence, there are more ghost sightings during the month of October. Most photographs are taken in the fall and what you see in the following pages, is from Ghosts In The Cemetery ($19.95) and Ghosts In The Cemetery II, Farther Afield ($24.95). My third Ghosts In The Cemetery book (Ghosts In The Cemetery III - Around The World) has now been published and is available only in a limited edition (25 signed copies) for $75.00 plus postage. Postage - Canada Airmail is $12.50 (soft mailer), Europe Airmail is $20.00 (for books in a hard mailer), Asia & Australia Airmail is $22.30 (for books in a hard mailer). Books can be sent overseas (to most countries) by speedy Global Priority in a soft mailer for $14.50. Overall size is 8.5 by 11.0 inches. Postal rates keep changing.

The inspiration for these books was my friend, Peter Schiffer. These photos, shot for my personal collection, were shown to the guests at the annual Schiffer Publishing picnic. The interest shown garnered a request to do a book of the photos. Peter suggested that I write stories to go along with the photos. The first book has just about sold out and the second has just come out at the end of August 2010. I am busily at work on the third book.

In most technical ghost hunting books, to prove the existence of ghosts, one must shoot on film. This is so the film can be examined to actually prove that the ghost is on the film and not just a fabrication. As these are shot with a digital camera they are not "proof" of ghosts, only photographs of cemeteries. These are offered as a tribute to the dedicated ghost hunters who brave bad weather, weird people, and exaggerated claims to capture some readings on their instruments and photographs of elusive ghosts. It is also a wake up call to those who take our old cemeteries for granted. They are beautiful places that deserve to be protected from neglect and vandalism.

The photos have been optimized to load on a web page. The originals exist in a higher quality 240 to 300 dpi "TIFF" format.

I hope to continue adding photos to these pages. For books or original, signed photographs. Individual photos are available for sale at $300.00 for (approximately) 7 x 10 inches. Each has been matted. They can be ordered from Stuart Schneider, P.O. Box 64, Teaneck, NJ 07666. All photos are copyright 2000 through 2015.

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, New York

Excerpted from: Ghosts In The Cemetery:

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, New York

The cemetery in Sleepy Hollow is a beautiful Victorian era cemetery with many hills and valleys in a gothic park-like atmosphere, situated on the east side of the Hudson River. It contains the final resting place of Washington Irving, the author of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow – Ichabod Crane's encounter with the Headless Horseman. Washington Irving wrote, in a letter addressed to the editor of Knickerbocker Magazine, “I send you herewith a plan of a rural cemetery projected by some of the worthies of Tarrytown, on the woody hills adjacent to the Sleepy Hollow Church. I have no pecuniary interest in it, yet I hope it may succeed, as it will keep that beautiful and umbrageous neighborhood sacred from the anti-poetical and all-leveling axe. Besides, I trust that I shall one day lay my bones there.” Washington Irving’s gothic revival home, known as Sunnyside, is situated not far from his gravesite, along the Hudson River.

Also buried at the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery are other luminaries such as: Andrew Carnegie, Walter Chrysler, William Rockefeller, and Elizabeth Arden. The television series “Dark Shadows”, which featured vampire Barnabas Collins, witches, ghosts, and other supernatural creatures, inspired a film, “House of Dark Shadows”. In the film, Lyndhurst, a gothic revival mansion in nearby Tarrytown, was the Collinwood estate and a mausoleum in the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery was shown as the Collins family tomb. The cemetery is rather renowned and guided tours are offered in October. It is also adjacent to the cemetery of the Old Dutch Church, which is the resting place of those who inspired Irving's characters of Katrina Van Tassel, Brom Bones, and the headless Hessian soldier.

The scent of roses drew me to the location in the cemetery. In early October there were few flowers in bloom, yet the smell of roses hung in the air. The story of Naomi is both sad and full of emotion. She was a local girl who took great delight in her rose garden. The first thing that visitors to the home were shown was her beautiful rose garden. She had married a wonderful man and soon thereafter had two beautiful children. Her husband died suddenly one summer, and she became morose over his death, staying in her rose garden and shunning friends and neighbors. A cholera epidemic, a summer later, took her two children. She told no one of their deaths and buried them in the rose garden. Weeks passed without anyone seeing her outside the home. The neighbors began to wonder where Naomi and her children were keeping themselves. A few friends went to the home and found Naomi’s decomposing body in the rose garden next to a freshly dug hollow in the ground. By her body was a note that asked anyone who found her to bury her among the roses next to her children. Her relatives refused to bury her in the garden, but chose to bury her and the children in the North Tarrytown (now Sleepy Hollow) Cemetery next to her husband. To this day, the scent of roses is almost always present near the gravesite.

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, New York

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, New York

Boothbay, Maine

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Quebec City, Canada

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