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Costumes can be purchased using personal checks, money orders, and Paypal. My address is Stuart Schneider, 820 Kinderkamack Road, River Edge, NJ 07661 and my Paypal name is Stuarts1031@ (note, I put a space in there so that automatic email harvesters don't get my email address). Postage and handling, and insurance (if you want it) will be added to your order once the weight is figured. I mail using the US Postal Service with delivery confirmation. Email me at Stuarts1031 at to reserve the item numbers that you want.

Terms: You can return any item to me within 10 days for any reason. If I totally misdescribed it, I will refund your postage both ways. If you are dissatisfied, you pay postage both ways. Note: These costumes are 20 to 70 years old. Generally, they are not in Mint condition. Some have been worn once, many years ago. All cloth costumes have all been ironed some time ago, photographed for my book, and then put back into the box (if there is a box). The thin plastic that was used to make the masks is very prone to getting cracks at the edges. Assume that all thin plastic masks will have these cracks. The fireproofing material that was used on these early costumes has a tendency to darken with age (it will usually show in the photograph). There may be some discolored areas due to age. If you have concerns, please ask in advance.

Daniel Boone ca. 1965 – NBC by Ben Cooper. Fess Parker played Daniel Boone from 1964 to 1970. A tough costume to find in great shape. Size: Medium, Item #210, $40.00 1965 Rarest Doctor Kildare Costume. This is a beauty and rare as can be. This is a fabric costume made by Halco about 1965 and it is an adult size. It is in Near Mint condtion and the original box is included. See page 94 of my book “Halloween - Costumes and Other Treats” for this exact costume. Item #105, (SOLD) Cecil the Sea Serpent ca. 1963 – Bob Clampett by Ben Cooper. Buddy to Beany on Beany and Cecil, Cecil was the World’s most famous seasick sea serpent. A tough costume to find. Size: Large, Item #211, (SOLD) Li’l Abner ca. 1960 – Halco. He was the star in the Li’l Abner comics. Beautiful condition. Size: Medium, Item #216, $38.00


Fred Flintstone ca. 1973 –Hanna Barbara by Ben Cooper. “Yabba Dabba Doo” says loud Fred Flintstone, one of the most popular Halloween costumes ever made. Looks like it has never been worn. Size: Small, Item #213, $18.00 1987 Star Trek Worf Costume. This is a great character costume for Lt. Commander Worf and there are not too many of these around. Condition is Near Mint and the original box is included. Item #110, (SOLD) The Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz ca. 1967. There are so few costumes from the Wizard of Oz that it makes me wonder why. A super rare costume, but no box and no mask. Size: Medium, Item #219, $18.00 Donald Duck ca.1958. Walt Disney by Ben Cooper. Donald is the World’s most famous duck who never wore any pants. Here is Donald at the helm of a boat. Hard-to-find costume in its rarer harder-to-find box. Size: Medium, Item #222, $32.00

Beetlejuice Ben Cooper Costume. This super fabric, not plastic, costume is in Mint condition and the original box is included. There is no mask. Item #103, (SOLD) 1975 Astronaut Costume made by the Bland Charnas Company. In 1975, the US and the USSR met in space aboard the Apollo-Soyez mission. Mint in original box. See page 39 of my book “Halloween - Costumes and Other Treats” for this exact costume. Item #102, $10.00 Donny Osmond ca. 1977 – made during the height of his popularity and that of his TV show – The Donny and Marie Show. Size: Medium, Item #203, $32.00 Captain Satellite ca. 1958 –Ben Cooper. When the Soviet Union launched Sputnik in 1957, we launched our tiny satellite in 1958. Rare with the mask. Size: Medium, Item #223, $32.00

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