The Theme for 2016 was Famous Chefs

Everyone was asked to bring a dish - vegetables, deserts, appetizers, etc.




The Theme for 2015 was A Traditional Halloween Party

People were asked to find a traditional Halloween costume - Witches, Pirates, Undead, Monsters,









The Theme for 2014 was Day Of The Dead Party









The Theme for 2013 was Famous Couples Party

We had perfect weather and got 73 trick or treaters at the house.

Roy Rogers & Dale Evans; The King of Siam & Anna

Blondie & Dagwood; Bonnie & Clyde

Groucho & Harpo: Thing 1 & Thing 2

Anthony & Cleopatra: Gomez & Morticia Addams

Brunhilda & guy in lederhosen: Mary Poppins & Chimney Sweep

Lucy & Desi: Romeo & Julliet



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