The Theme for 2006 was "Pajama Party"

Karioke and on the right are the best costume prize winners - Dead Men Do Wear Plaid

The Theme for 2005 was "Black & White"

I struggled with this year's theme. First I figured a "Pajama Party", but then that concept just didn't seem that good. Then, I thought that I could prepare 4 different invitations and send out invites with Pajama Party on one, Broadway Shows on another, Kitsch on another, and Animals on another. The idea would be that everyone would show up in different types of costumes, thinking that their costume was the theme. It would be a trick on the guests. Somehow, after thinking and laughing about it some more, I rejected that idea and came to the Black & White and Shades of Grey theme, which was shortened to Black & White. I anticipated penguins, harlequins, chess pieces, black and white movie stars, early television shows, etc.

The winner of the prize for best costume was Perry, a photographer, who came as a negative. Lincoln was just one of the black and white costume figures that were used for decoration so he appears with almost everyone.

The new crypt table and Rebecca before going black and white

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