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 Crepe Aprons are rare Halloween collectibles. The companies that made crepe paper, such as Dennison and American Tissue Mills, found that they could, using the same crepe paper, create costume accessories at very little additional cost. Here is an example of a very early (ca. 1913) and rare piece of crepe that I named "Witches On Biplanes". It is not an apron, but it shows what the crepe looks like. Next to it is the Witch in front of the Moon, ca.1922.



  The aprons were made from the crepe rolls. The crepe was actually sewn. The maker would sew a crepe boarder around the edge and a cloth or crepe ribbon at the top.


The designs are often recognizable as they appeared as crepe paper rolls. With Dennison's products, you can often find the name of the design in their Bogie Books (see my book, Halloween In America) for examples. ie. "White Cats and Pumpkin" Dennison pattern H856. The apron is about 22 inches tall. A few of the simpler designs are slightly smaller and older, ca1916.


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