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The Old Schranlenberg Church on the Bergenfield/ New Milford boarder contains the graves of Revolutionary War soldiers. They have been generally forgotten and their wonderful brownstone headstones are showing the over-200-years of wear. The church and cemetery is set in a beautiful area with a pond at the lower edge of the property. It looks very peaceful. While there were not too many battles fought in Bergen County during the Revolutionary War, there were many skirmishes and near escapes. The county was populated by Dutch farmers who were often divided in their loyalties. Since this was an abundant farming area, the Patriot troops would often raid the farms for food. The Brittish Tories would also raid the farms for food. Life was hard for the farmers and if they were suspected of supporting one side or the other, their farm buildings would be burned down by the opposing side.

I traveled to different Connecticut towns (Kent & others) and into New Hampshire and now include some photographs from these places.

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