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This is very rare and unusual - A Mine Pearl found by Bob Winters ca.1990. Calcium carbonate built up in an egg shape around a bit of ore that landed in a churning pool of calcium-rich water. These came from the 900 foot level of the Sterling Hill mine. The white concretion was sliced in half and polished. The piece is about 1.0 inch wide.

An example of a very rare fluorescing zincite. It is from the Sterling Hill mine, Ogdensburg, NJ. This form of zincite fluoresces a creamy white LW.

Third Find wollastonite with barite on calcite from the Franklin mine in Franklin, NJ. Wollastonite fluoresces orange-yellow SW and the barite fluoresces white SW. There are different Franklin wollastonites known as 1st Find, 2nd Find, 3rd Find, Fibrous, and then other wollastonites. 1st Find has large patches of bright wollastonite and often contains willemite or margarosanite. 2nd Find contains hardystonite. 3rd Find contains barite. Wollastonite can be found in different shades of yellow with some of the most appealing appearing orange. Franklin marble with a rich concentration of wollastonite and a touch of calite from the Sterling Hill mine, Noble Pit, Ogdensburg, NJ.

Uvite crystal from the Franklin mine, Franklin, Sussex County, NJ. The uvite fluoresces mustard yellow SW. It weighs 4.0 oz. and is 2.4 x 1.8 x 0.9 inches. A beautiful hardystonite with barite in calcite with willemite from the Franklin mine, Franklin, Sussex County, NJ. The hardystonite fluoresces purple-blue SW, the barite fluoresces white, the willemite fluoresces green SW and the calcite fluoresces orange-red SW.

Manganaxinite with rare daylight blue vesuvianite, var. cyprine with willemite from the Franklin Mine, Franklin, Sussex County, NJ. The manganaxinite fluoresces red SW and the willemite fluoresces green SW. It is 2.3 x 1.8 x 1.4 inches. Here is an unusual piece. Limestone that has been acid etched to expose two double, boat-hull shaped norbergite crystals, one with a octahedryl spinel crystal attached. This is from the Limecrest quarry, Sparta, NJ. The norbergite fluoresces bright orange-yellow SW.

Calcite, willemite and hydrozincite (fluoresces white or sky blue SW). Hydrozincite is a surface coating on the rock. Hydrozincite forms when water (hydro) moves through the cracks in the rock and dissolves zinc. This material generally appears as a coating on rocks. This is from the Buckwheat dump, Franklin mine. Margarite, a rare Franklin fluorescent - Margarite crystals from the Franklin quarry, Franklin, NJ. Margarite is a blue-green mica that was sparsely found in a 75 foot wide area (now covered with tons of sand). The margarite fluoresces weak white SW & LW. It is 1.3 x 0.8 x 0.5 inches.

Thought you might like to see a tintype photo of some miners taken about the late 1880s. Note that they all have candles in their hats and carry a spare candle on their shirts. There unfortunately was no information about where the photo was taken.

Calcite covered with galena. The calcite fluoresces orange-red SW. Rose-colored Franklin rhodonite. It is nonfluorescent but has some willemite in it.

Below are interesting and unusual minerals from Sussex County, NJ.

Metallic loellingite from the Sterling Hill mine, Ogdensburg, New Jersey Fluoborite in marble - from the Bodner quarry, Rudeville, New Jersey

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