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Items can be purchased using personal checks, money orders, and Paypal. My address is Stuart Schneider, P.O. Box 64, Teaneck, NJ 07666 and my Paypal name and email address is Stuarts1031@ (note, I put a space in my email address so that automatic email harvesters don't get my email address). Postage and handling, and insurance (if you want it) will be added to your order once the weight is figured. I mail using the US Postal Service with delivery confirmation. Email me to reserve the item numbers that you want and don't forget to include your name and address if you are a new customer.

Terms: You can return any item to me within 10 days for any reason. If I misdescribed it, I will refund your postage both ways. If you are dissatisfied, you pay postage both ways.

In 1910, there were groups of postcards poking fun at the naysayers who predicted the end of the World as the Earth was going to pass through the Comet's tail on May 19th 1910.

1910 French Fin Du Monde (End of The World) postcard. "Ladder to the Moon" and "Photographs of the catastrophe. Payable in advance". Postally unused. $44.00, item #HC113



A real photo comet postcard from 1910 celebrating the wine harvest. $35.00, HC 205  

1910 French real photo postcard showing a lady riding on the back of the comet. $26.00, HC300 1910 glass slide showing Halley's Comet as illustrated on the Bayeux Tapestry. $26.00, HC207

1910 postcard humorously entitled "Roman Punch" where the fellow getting punched sees Halley's Comet instead of stars. $34.00, HC208

1910 Edmund Halley cigar box label. Mint, it is 9.0 by 6.5 inches. $16.00, item #HC122

In 1908 a comet appeared in the skies, discovered by Professor Morehouse who, using a spectrometer, discovered that there was cyanogen gas in the comet's tail. This led to the belief that we would all be killed by cyanide gas when Halley's Comet arrived in 1910 and the Earth passed through its tail. In 1910, this stereocard was sold by Keystone views to take advantage of the interest in Halley's Comet. $20.00, item #HC123-2

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