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Fluorescent minerals

Comet Paintings & Prints

The 1401 comet

The comet of 1506

The comet of 1007

Three comet of 1577 paintings from the Kometenbuch, 1587 with illustrations by Johannes Hevelius.

Johannes Hevelius from his book, "Cometographia"
The comet of 1619

A painting of the comet of 1680 by Doomer, over the Dutch town of Alkmaar
A painting of the comet of 1690 by Verschuier

An illustration of the comet of 1848
A nice charcoal drawing of Halley's comet painted in 1909 by Elizabeth Shippen Green Elliott

A woodcut of the comet of 1577
A nice comet of 1844 print

A newspaper print of the comet of 1860
A lithograph of the comet of 1881


A painting of the comet of (probably) 1577

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