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Halloween Museum

Fluorescent minerals

Comet Paintings & Prints

The 1401 comet

The comet of 1506

The comet of 1007

Three comet of 1577 paintings from the Kometenbuch, 1587 with illustrations by Johannes Hevelius

A woodcut of the comet of 1577
A nice comet of 1844 print

A newspaper print of the comet of 1860
A lithograph of the comet of 1881


A painting of a comet, probably 1577.

More comet pieces - Page One

More comet pieces - Page Two

More comet pieces - Page Three

More comet pieces - Page Four

More comet pieces - Page Five

More comet pieces - Page Five A

Rare Comet pieces For Sale - Page Six

Rare Comet pieces For Sale - Page Seven

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